Safe and Secure Events in Our Arenas

You should feel safe and secure during events at our arenas. In Sweden, it is the event organizer’s responsibility for the safety of the audience. However, with our extensive experience in large-scale events and as the leading arena operator in Sweden, we collaborate closely with responsible authorities and organizers to create secure events.

We collaborate with responsible authorities when it comes to broader security issues within our arena areas. This is to ensure that we always have the latest information and tools that may be necessary to help create safe and secure events.

The specific security measures for each event depend on the needs identified by the organizer and the police, considering both the nature of the event and external factors. This work begins long before the event takes place and continues until the event is completed.Exact details of the security measures for individual events are never disclosed externally, as such information could be misused.

We would like to highlight some general points regarding the efforts to ensure safe and secure events for you as a visitor. This is also to provide you with knowledge on how you can contribute to creating a secure arena experience. Please take a moment to read the following four points:

Cameras and Security Personnel Around the Clock

We monitor our arenas 24/7, 365 days a year. This is done through camera surveillance monitored by security personnel and by security guards patrolling our premises.

Staff on Site – Alert as Needed

During events, you will encounter many of our hosts in the arena. If you notice anything unusual or require assistance, please inform our staff about what has happened, and they will assist in alerting the necessary authorities.

Entrance Checks (Arrive in Advance)

To enter our arenas, you will pass through either alarm gates, handheld metal detectors, or manual security screenings. Please arrive in advance ahead of the event, and always follow current advice and instructions for the event you are attending. As many of our events now have enhanced entry controls, please keep informed of any specific requirements before you arrive for your visit. You can find event-specific information on the page for the event you will be attending and general information in our FAQ.

Closed Arenas Mean Safer Arenas

You will encounter locked doors in our areas when there are no events taking place. No entry is allowed without proper authorization. All personnel working with us have undergone various forms of background checks.