Room for Emotions

Strawberry is passionate about creating unforgettable experiences.

But it’s not about the restaurants, the meeting rooms, the gyms and the spas, nor is it the hotels or the Strawberry Arena. For Strawberry, it’s always about the joy, the vibe and the excitement – no matter whether it is in times of sadness, hope or euphoria! It’s all about the emotions that Strawberry make room for and help to create! 

Every day and every place presents new opportunities for incredible experiences – be it the joy of seeing your favourite singer on stage, the bliss of sleeping in a supremely comfy bed in an unfamiliar destination, or the excitement of finally watching that match you’ve been longing to see! 

Strawberry Arena provides a space for big emotions – on stage, on the pitch and in the stands! It’s an arena full of joy, anticipation and pride with world-class experiences all the year round. 

Strawberry is about experiencing more and feeling more – at the hotels and at all the other places you can find them!

About Strawberry

From July 2024, Strawberry will be the naming partner for the National Arena in Solna. Strawberry is one of the largest hotel chains in the Nordics and it all began 30 years ago with just one hotel! Today, Strawberry have 20,000 employees and 240 hotels including both chain hotels and independent hotels – the thing that truly unites the company is that they work as a team, providing all guests with unique experiences. 

Strawberry is founded upon the core values – energy, courage and enthusiasm. Strawberry is a different kind of company – a rebel with a big heart. They are not just seeking to change the industry, while also making the world a better place for living, working and travelling. You’re always welcome as you are, whatever your gender, religion, sexual orientation or nationality! Strawberry have fantastic people from more than 150 countries working at the company.

Strawberrys biggest passion is the people and our planet!


Strawberry has a shared goal of making sure that our planet is sustainable and healthy for future generations. The goal is therefore to be climate-neutral in our own operations by 2030. They are striving to reduce the environmental impact of the organisation on a daily basis in order to significantly reduce the carbon emissions on our planet. 

The people working for Strawberry are the ones who have built the company, and they aim to be industry leaders with regard to diversity and inclusion. Strawberry is also extremely passionate about the rights of HBTQIA+ people, and have therefore been main sponsors of Pride all over the Nordics during the past 10 years. 

Strawberry truly value diversity, and believe that people from different cultures and backgrounds make us smarter and more creative. The company proudly stand up for their values and what they believe in, and include the social sustainability work in their daily operations by doing more for their guests, their employees and their community. 

Red Carpet

Would you like exclusive access to events and concerts at the Strawberry Arena and lots of other venues across the Nordics? Then you should join Strawberry and activate Red Carpet!

Red Carpet will give you the chance to buy tickets to concerts and to book hotel stays before everyone else! Membership in Strawberry and Red Carpet are both entirely free of charge, and Strawberry will keep you updated via email when tickets to big concerts and events are released.